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February Films

I just finished shooting EAST – a film about the east coast entertainment business written and directed by Dana Schoenfeld in which I play Glenn Reynolds – an accomplished LA film director.

I also recently played George in Lost and Found – a touching short film in which I play a father and husband with Alzheimer’s.

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Clyde Baldo

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I have had the pleasure of being in over 60 plays, 40 films, 15 commercials and 12 Episodic TV shows.

My characters range from the slimy LA film producer to the nerdy weird blind date, to the Jewish mobster, to the creepy pizza man, to the broken man, to the corrupt doctor, to the father with Alzheimer’s, to the slimy pawnshop owner, to the Norwegian homeless man, to the Saint who guards purgatory, to the Russian world leader, to the Jewish rabbi, to the cross dressing magician and more!